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CECEP invest 360 million in Qinghai wind power project

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13 Aug 2015

CECEP Wind-Power Corporation announced that the company is planning to invest and construct Qinghai Delingha Duohai wind power field second phase 49.5 MW wind power project.

The project total investment involved over 361 million Yuan (US$ 58.12 million), in which 30% is the project capital fund will be provided by CECEP Wind-Power Corporation own fund, and the rest 70% of the investment will be supported by the financial institute funds. The company wholly owned subsidiary Qinghai Oriental Hualu New Energy Investment Co., Ltd will be responsible for the project implementation.

According to the announcement, Delingha second phase project is located within the Delingha City jurisdiction. The wind power field has a height of 2,850 meter to 3,000 meters above the sea level with a flat wide open terrain, a geological condition very suitable for the wind power field development and construction.

The total installing capacity of Delingha project is 200 MW, this project is the second phase with a project construction size of 49.5 MW. They plan to install 25 wind turbines with the single unit capacity of 2000 KW and the wheel height of 80 meters (one of which will be degraded to 1.5 MW for the proper operation).

The wind power field has a field height of 80 meters with an annual average wind speed of 6.70 m/s and the relative annual average wind power density of 295 W / m2, wind power density grade is 2 grade so the wind energy resource is good. According to estimation, the wind power field has a wind annual utilization hours of 1,810 hours.

After careful calculation, the Delingha 2nd phase project total investment internal rate of return (after taxation) is 9.29%, and the capital internal rate of return is 14.39% with an investment pay-off time of 9.4 years.

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