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Celanese and Airborne partners for deepwater thermoplastic composite pipes

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10 Mar 2014

Celanese Corporation, a global technology and specialty materials company, and Airborne Oil & Gas B.V., a leading, global supplier of spoolable thermoplastic composite pipe systems for deepwater offshore operations, today announced the signing of a strategic supply agreement for the development and supply of composite materials for these pipe systems.

Celanese is playing an important role in helping to ensure efficient offshore operations via engineered materials used in thermoplastic composite pipe. A good example is the flexible pipeline system from Airborne that incorporate Celstran CFR-TP (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic) composite technologies, which are suitable for use in flowlines, downlines, jumpers, intervention lines, risers and other offshore pipe systems.

The durable, spoolable, lightweight composite pipe systems designed and manufactured by Airborne have high mechanical strength to withstand the extremely high pressures and tensile loads of deep-sea offshore operations and combine an excellent chemical stability with very good resistance to fatigue, aging and permeation. They are more robust than existing pipe systems used in the offshore industry and reduce operational cost because of faster and easier deployment. The absence of corrosion reduces maintenance costs and the smooth inner bore improves the pressure performance. These pipes are made in a fully automated manufacturing process and can be made up to several kilometers of length in one product. This unique technology has won several innovation awards, including the JEC Europe 2012 Innovation Award.

Celstran CFR-TP offers a wide range of matrix materials and numerous reinforcing fiber options. These composites can be tailored to meet specific dimensional and application requirements for robust, lightweight and corrosion resistant parts that require:

  • superior performance versus metal and metal alloys
  • significant reduction in lifecycle costs compared to metal
  • outstanding mechanical properties (low weight with high rigidity and toughness)
  • high impact and notched impact strength
  • very low creep and warpage
  • resistance to interlaminar crack propagation
  • very good resistance in high temperatures
  • excellent mechanical and chemical resistance

Composite technology from Celanese – the Oil & Gas Awards 2013 West Coast Manufacturer of the Year and winner of a prestigious JEC Americas 2013 Innovation Award in the “Pipes & Water Management” category for a new composite pressure pipe that features Celstran CFR-TP – have led to the development of offshore oil and gas pipe systems. These offshore pipes are lightweight, flexible, durable and spoolable with a continuous length, making for cost-efficient installation.

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