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Celanese to launch Hostaform XGC glass reinforced POM

News International-French

14 Oct 2013

Celanese Corporation, the global technology and specialty materials company, announces it will celebrate 50 years of the Celcon/Hostaform acetal copolymer (POM) product line, by introducing its new Hostaform XGC glass reinforced series for demanding structural applications.

The Hostaform XGC POM series combines improved mechanical properties with a superior anisotropic shrinkage factor vs. other glass fiber reinforced resins. This new series gives customers a competitive edge in innovative structural applications, such as window lift plates, gears and motor housings that are used in a variety of industry segments.

The Hostaform XGC POM series uses innovative hybrid technology developed by Celanese, which improves coupling strength of POM to glass fiber reinforcement. The latest Celanese innovation continues the drive to expand the Hostaform POM specialty product line and provide customers a new level of performance in a short-glass filled copolymer.

“With improved mechanicals and lower anisotropic shrinkage behavior, our Hostaform XGC POM series can challenge short-glass filled polyamide (PA) and thermoplastic polyester (PBT) products,” said Joachim Floeck, Celanese POM product marketing manager Europe.

The new series includes two core grades: XGC10 and XGC25, 10 and 25 percent short-glass fiber reinforced, respectively. Mechanical improvements of Hostaform XGC25 POM vs. conventional glass fiber reinforced POM include:

  • 10 percent better tensile stress at break
  • 130 percent improvement in Charpy impact strength
  • 60 percent increase in Charpy notched impact strength

More importantly, the series can compete with short-glass fiber reinforced PAs and PBTs.
In addition, there are two tribology modified grades: XGC15-LW-01 and XGC25-LW-01, 15 and 25 percent short-glass reinforced grades, respectively. Both offer the structural integrity from glass fiber reinforcement with the tribology of an unreinforced grade.

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