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Cellulose fibre reinforced composite

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12 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - ForMi is a new cellulose fibre based biocomposite developed by UPM, a company integrating bio and forest industries. ForMi is developed for moulding applications.

It combines the strength, renewability, and consistent quality of cellulose fibres with high quality polymers resulting to products with improved mechanical properties, high quality and good availability. ForMi granulates offer smooth and reliable processing.  Due to high purity and and constant quality of the cellulose raw material, the composite products made from ForMi are clean and odourless.


The patent pending production process of   ForMi provides good dispersion of fibres and lightness of colour even at high cellulose fibre contents.


All cellulose fibres used in ForMi are produced by UPM. Sustainable and renewable forest biomass, efficient supply chain, and considerable share of bioenergy used in UPM’s production processes ensure low carbon footprint of the granulates. 


ForMi is offered in several grades for the injection moulding and extrusion. Most of the grades are based on polypropylene matrix, but also other polymers are available and developed. ForMi products are designed for both industrial and consumer end-use applications.       


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