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Center for composite materials engineering and technology landed in Fujian

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1 Aug 2014

Recently, Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Haixi Institute) and Fujian Yongyue Technology Co., Ltd (Fujian Yongyue) jointly established the research center for composite materials engineering and technology in Fujian province.

The research center will mobilize the downstream and upstream relative organizations in the composite materials industry to carry out technology research, product development, and application study on the breakthrough of industry common key technologies in China.

Both of the research teams will carry out the special studies on montmorillonite modified unsaturated polyester resin, 3D printing technology, artificial marble resin, GFRP resin and resin crafts to share the latest research results, and carry out technical exchanges. In recent years, both sides have successfully solved the technical problems encountered in the composite materials and 3D printing materials production and system integration research fields for some of the enterprises.

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