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Certified, Mastergel proposes a new concept to the Brazilian composites industry

News International-French

5 Jul 2013

Company highlights the importance of adopting more sophisticated technologies

One of the newest companies in the Brazilian composites industry – founded in 2009 – the manufacturer of gelcoats and distributor of raw materials Mastergel has just been certified in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001:2008. The achievement is part of a broader plan of Mastergel, which aims to spread a new concept of work based on a combination between the best technical preparation and the search for economic, but not cheap, solutions.

“Although there are huge possibilities for growth, and this becomes evident when we look at the composite markets in the U.S., Europe and Asia, in Brazil the material has always been inappropriately treated. That explains the domestic investments in quality and processes, such as the certification, and in the training we offer to all molders, regardless of the type of product they manufacture and the amount of raw materials they consume,” says Rosi Ana Peterhans, director of Mastergel.

The production of parts with more sophisticated technologies, such as the RTM light, and the construction of molds are two of the subjects included in Mastergel courses – from 2009 until today, which was attended by approximately 50 people so far. “We showed in the training that modern processes, despite being more expensive at the beginning, lead to large savings, as there is a significantly reduced loss in raw materials and expenses with rework.”

Unstable market
According to Rosi Ana, this strategy gains more importance in periods marked by economic fluctuations and little – or no – growth, such as the current scenario. “The composites market is very unstable. But I have noticed that the companies that are best prepared to overcome these turbulences are those that are constantly investing in technology,” she says.

Today, Mastergel produces more than ten types of gelcoats and distributes the following raw materials: polyester and vinyl ester resins, in addition to the marine gelcoat (Ashland); peroxides and mold release waxes (Polinox); semi-permanent mold release (Acmos) and millimetered waxes (Freeman).