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Cetim and KMTL announce strategic partnership to develop a wide range of innovative services for mechanical industries in Asia-Pacific

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7 Nov 2017

A few months after opening offices in Asia, Cetim the French mechanical expertise center, signed today, in conjunction with JEC Asia trade show, a strategic partnership with the Japanese company KMTL (Kobe Material Testing Laboratory
Co., Ltd).

Cetim and KMTL announce strategic partnership to develop a wide range of innovative services for mechanical industries in Asia-Pacific
Capitalizing on its 50 years’ experience, Cetim has been supporting manufacturers in the region for several years. Its large offer of solutions and services related to composite and metallic materials allows the center to closely work with all industrial sectors, in particular aerospace or automotive.

KMTL, who celebrated this year its 70th anniversary, has been one of the first independent material testing laboratories in Asia and has a very strong recognition for the quality of its services, especially in Japan. Increasingly competitive global markets demand that manufacturing companies enhance their technology and new product development capabilities. By joining forces, Cetim and KMTL are able to offer a very wide range of expertise in the Region in order for clients to accelerate technological innovation.

More specifically, this collaboration will directly benefit the Aerospace supply chain with a one stop regional hub for NADCAP testing.

“This partnership signed today with KMTL confirms our commitment to offer our best expertise services in this very dynamic region of the world. It permits not only to support our major European clients here but also to approach both the established and fast growing Asian groups with a comprehensive offer”, says Gilles Waeldin, the CEO of Cetim Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd.

“We are convinced that the partnership with Cetim will boost new potential to KMTL's testing expertise. Cetim's advanced technology and solution services will broaden the range of services to our customers. Cetim and KMTL’s enormous capacity for the number of testing machines and test technicians will strongly support and accelerate various product developments for our customers. This partnership signed today will be a bridge between Europe and Asia for research and development”, says Nobuhito Tsurui, Director of KMTL.

The signature of the partnership took place during JEC Asia, where Cetim presents its Composites’ innovative solutions addressing the whole life cycle of a product, from concept to recycling, through industrialization and testing. In particular, the QSP® process, an innovative technology developed in partnership with the Pinette P.E.I. Group and two other companies, is highlighted. This solution allows automotive and aeronautics industries to produce parts in composite materials out of the autoclave technology, at flexible and high production rates.