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CFRP shafts and axles

News International-French

12 Apr 2011

CG TEC GmbH produces CFRP shafts and axles using the prepreg-rolling technique.

(Published on June 2008 – JEC Magazine #41)


In this procedure, prepregs are wrapped around metal mandrels in a special wrapping technique. The inside diameter is determined by the mandrel, the outside by the prepreg wall thickness. The minimum wall thickness is 0.5 mm. Carbon shafts are available from 5 to 90 mm. The wall thickness and layer structure are individually tailored to the intended usage of the part and the fibre orientations are from 0° to 90°. High fit accuracy and excellent rotation characteristics are achieved by finishing the products on


special high-speed grinding machines. CG TEC uses modern CNC machines to create individual, optimum suited shafts. This gives the option of machining each driving collar, hub, ring bearing and roller bearing to an exact and absolutely precise fit. The shafts have a diameter of 4-12 mm and can be equipped with individual recesses. The sag of a 10 mm±0.03 rod is less than 0.3 mm at a length of 1000 mm. The CFRP rods are mostly used as shafts in transport applications.