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Changyue $506 millions USD fiber production base constructed

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8 May 2012

From Sichuan Chuangyue Carbon Material Co., Ltd invests $506 millions USD in an annual output 2000 tons carbon fibers industry base in the city of Langzhong. The project has started construction on April 6th this year. This project is so far the Asia's largest carbon material industrial base.

A total investment of $506 millions USD, covering 400000 square meter of land, the project will achieve an annual output of 2000 tons of carbon fiber and related products. Realize gross value of industrial output $790 millions USD and create 4500—5000 new jobs.


The first phase of $158 million USD will be completed in 2015 build an annual output of 300 tons of short carbon fibers project and other related projects. During 2016-2020, the second phase will complete $347 millions Yuan investment, hence to form a high performance carbon fiber and composite materials industry chain extension.


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