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Changzhou Chengrui glass fiber products Co. Ltd. established

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23 Apr 2013

Recently, Changzhou Chengrui glass fiber products Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Beijing Sino Composite Co. Ltd. and Changzhou CTC Technical Fabrics Co., Ltd was formally founded and the agreement signing ceremony was held in Beijing.

China has a huge market for the composite materials. Compare with traditional materials, glass fiber composite materials have lighter in weight with high impact resistance, durability and high strength and other advantages. They have huge development potential for high performance material solutions.

The joint venture will take advantages of Sino Composite over 20 years of product service, efficient customer service capabilities, and CTC Technical Fabrics professional production technology and quality management to further expand the application requirements of glass products in broader areas of transportation and shipbuilding industries.

In the past, CTC Technical Fabrics had a record 53000 tons of sales performance in 2010 because of the wind power industry fast growth back then. However, due to excessive reliance on the wind business, and attacked by nearly two years of wind power industry restructuring, the company's performance has slipped to the bottom.

The newly established Ruicheng will rely on CTC Technical Fabrics existing production base and the production management team, take advantage of Sino Composite mature market channels and strong brand building capabilities. In the near future, Ruicheng will provide quality and price competitiveness glass fiber products for the composites industry.

Sino Composite has been an authorized agent for more than a dozen European and American equipment and raw materials manufacturers in China. Sino Composite has 9 branches in China to serve its over 1000 customers. The industries they are dealing with include traffic, transportation, aerospace, military, energy, shipbuilding with thousands of products of dozens of categories and hundreds of series.

The products include resin modified additives, FRP forming equipment and tools, mold and repair materials, mold release agent, sandwich materials, vacuum bag membrane materials, adhesives, special high performance resin and special fiber fabric etc.

CTC Technical Fabrics was founded in 2008 and based in Changzhou; CTC supplies wind blade manufacturers with low-cost, high-quality glass fiber reinforcement fabrics. CTC demonstrated solid financial performance.

CTC produces various types of multi axial warp-knitted reinforced fabrics that are widely used in wind power generation industry, automobile industry, ship yacht and leisure sports equipment etc. The monthly sales reached more than 5000 tons, taking up 25% of wind blade market and with become the largest supplier of glass fiber reinforced fabric in China.

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