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Changzhou DIBA developed carbon fiber multi axial warp knitting machine

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31 Jul 2014

Recently, Jiangsu (province) Changzhou DIBA Textile Machinery Factory (Changzhou DIBA) has successfully developed carbon fiber multi axial warp knitting machine based on its independent intellectual property rights.

This technology has successfully passed the acceptance of the Chinese national science and technology support group plan. A total of 34 patents have been authorized including 7 invention patents. This technology has filled the gaps in the carbon fiber multi axial warp knitting machine field in China, and the price is only half of the imported products so that the carbon fiber manufacturing in China can reduce its establishment cost.

Carbon fiber multi axial warp knitting machine belongs to the international cutting-edge technology. Before this technology has been monopolized by the German enterprises and the price of imports is more than US$ 3.83 million (23 million Yuan). This technology is a result of joint development between Changzhou DIBA, Changzhou Hongfa Zongheng Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd (PGTEX), Beihang University (BUUA, formerly Beijing Institute of Aeronautics), and AVIC Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute (BAMTRI). The research and development has lasted for 5 years. The overall performance reached the international advanced level, which reduces the production cost of carbon fiber by nearly 70%. The technology can be widely used in aerospace, wind power, infrastructure construction, and traffic light fields. As soon as the release of the technology, the buyers have been to DIBA negotiating for the purchase.

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