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Chenzhou invested in glass fiber reinforced plastic dustbin

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27 May 2013

Recently, careful people found that the city street originally shabby iron dustbin has disappeared. One new type classification garbage bin made of GFRP has replaced them.

Actually ever from the beginning of October last year, the Beihu district has started large-scale partial replacement of the streets dustbins.

According to the district sanitation department deputy director Ceng Wenxiong, this time Beihu district dustbin replacement is the largest in the history. The district plans to invest 1 million Yuan (US$ 144,444) for the replacement of more than 2000 classification dustbins.

The inside barrel of the replacement dustbins are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) material. It not only can effectively prevent from the damage by the high temperature cigarette ash and the fireworks remaining. It also can effectively prevent the second pollution caused by water.

More over, this kind of material cannot be sold as the recycling materials as the steels or irons so there is no risk from the thefts. Before, the dustbins have always been stolen away by the thefts as they can be sold at a profit so the government has to replace with the new purchase almost once a year.

Now, the inside barrel is made of GFRP material with no stealthy value that hopefully can last longer. As this dustbin is worth of close to 500 Yuan (US$ 82.00), so cares should be take to prevent them from damaging.

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