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Chiefwell Engineering develops high-quality rolls and calenders for the composite industry

News International-French

7 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - During the show, the company will highlight its rolls and calenders, which operate with a temperature control tolerance of ±1° C for a surface temperature up to 350°C.

A specific steel alloy makes the rolls and calenders extremely resistant to high temperatures. Their surface has good resistance to impact, abrasion and oxidation. In addition, under high pressure and high temperature, the rolls meet a tolerance of ± 5 microns on circularity, straightness and concentricity. They can also be operated as kiss rolls, making the finished product thinner, smoother and more consistent.

Thanks to the use of advanced technology, heat distribution within the rolls is controlled with high precision. The rolls can be used in many application areas such as thermal lines for pre-impregnation, coating, laminating, consolidation or finishing processes.