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Chile will host the foundation of ALMACO

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21 Sep 2011

The ceremony for the foundation of the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) will take place on September 30, in Santiago (Chile). In addition to increasing the representation of the composites market, ALMACO will be responsible for planning the activities to promote the demand growth.

“Among the main actions of the new entity, there will be the creation of a schedule with courses and events to promote the composites throughout Latin America. We also intend to fully map the sector, which will allow several business opportunities. And, in relation to the rest of the world, we will have a much stronger association to fight for our interests”, said Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO – who holds the same position at the Brazilian Composite Materials Association (ABMACO).


ABMACO, by the way, was indicated as the natural choice to lead the foundation of ALMACO, which headquarter will be located in São Paulo. Established in 1981, ABMACO gathers approximately 300 members and maintains the Composites Technology Center (CETECOM), the largest of its kind in Latin America. Moreover, it represents the largest market of composites in the region: Brazil generated a turnover of USD 1.595 billion last year.



ALMACO International Seminar

ALMACO International Seminar will take place as a background to the creation of the entity. Gathered in Santiago, Brazilian and Chilean experts will introduce the latest developments in raw materials and manufacturing processes of composites. There will also be lectures by representatives of Corporación de Fomento de la Producción (CORFO) and Sociedad de Fomento Fabril de Chile (SOFOFA).


After the closure of the lectures, ALMACO will officially launch the book Compósitos - Materiales, Procesos, Desempeño y Aplicaciones, a Spanish version of Compósitos 1, edited by ABMACO in 2008.




Established in 1981, the Brazilian Composite Materials Association (ABMACO) represents the entire production chain of composites or fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP), a material that has over 40,000 applications cataloged worldwide, from water storage tanks to pipes and aircraft and rocket parts. Presided by Gilmar Lima, General Director of MVC Soluções em Plásticos, ABMACO has about 300 members and holds, together with Institute for Technological Research (IPT), the Composites Technologic Center (CETECOM), the largest of its segment in Latin America.



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