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China 2 MW low wind generator successfully developed

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7 Feb 2013

China South Locomotive announced recently, CSR Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd successfully developed China's first 2 MW low wind speed wind turbine that applies to the wind with a speed of less than 7 meters per second.

The creation of this wind power generation equipment will activate China central and southeast wind energy resources. The first wind turbine will be applied to the Lu Kou wind field located in the territory of Hunan. And the mass production will immediately follow.

For a very long time, China large wind turbines can only applied in the remote, high altitude with high speed wind energy resources. Those areas have bottlenecks of grid connection difficulties and power transmission difficulties that hinders the development of China wind industry.

The creation of 2 MW low wind speed wind turbine can fully utilize the low speed wind in the area of developed, populous with large power consumption including southern China, east China, and central China.

Those areas accounted for more than 68% of the "low wind speed areas". To utilize the wind energy resources in those areas will have great significance for the new energy development and the environmental protection.

About CSR Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd.:
CSR Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd under China South Locomotive Co., Ltd., is located in the southern industrial city and transportation hub of Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. The company mainly engaged in traction motors, traction transformers, wind power motor and special motor manufacturing industry, electric locomotive in China, high-speed EMU, motors and transformers transit vehicles specialized scientific research, production base, the largest wind power motor producing enterprises 1, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, defense, automotive and other industrial specialty electric motor products professional development base.

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