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China achieved kiloton carbon fiber dry jet wet spin production

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8 Oct 2015

Recently, China first kiloton high strength, high strength middle modulus dry jet wet spinning high performance carbon fiber key technology and industrialization has passed authority identification in Lianyungang development zone.

Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. has thus become the third company that achieved dry jet wet spinning carbon fiber industrialization after the Japanese Toray, and the USA Hexcel.

At the same time, the T700 carbon fiber 5,000 ton production line has also put into industrialized production and the T800 carbon fiber 100 ton production line has been completed and put into production makes Lianyungang development zone has the two thirds of overall carbon fiber production capacity in China.

It has been estimated, the high performance carbon fiber production capacity in Lianyungang development zone will reach over 10,000 tons in the near future.

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