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China achieved T800 carbon fiber products 25 tons industrialization

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16 Dec 2013

Jiangsu Hangke Composite Materials Co., Ltd (Jiangsu Hangke) and Xi'an Institute of Optics Precision Mechanics of CAS (Xi 'an Optics) have successfully built China domestic first T800 carbon fiber industrialized production line with a production capacity of 25 tons.

Carbon fiber has excellent properties of high specific strength, high specific modulus, low density, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and others. It has become the key application materials for aerospace and defense industry. China carbon fiber "Twelfth Five Year Plan" has listed the number one material in the six key development new materials. "China National medium and long-term science and technology development plan" has also listed carbon fiber production as one the priority to the development high tech industrialization key fields.

Technology center of composite material took advantage of the many years accumulate rich theory and R & D and industrialization experience in the field of carbon fiber and composite materials and achieved a series of independent high technology innovation intellectual property rights, and made the first breakthrough in the key technology and special equipment in the high performance T800 carbon fiber products development that China needs to give priority to.

The successful output production and industrialization of T800 products has improved the R&D and technical level of carbon fiber materials in China. It has solved the Chinese high performance carbon fiber material localization technology "bottleneck" problem, and has an important strategic sense to meet China's aerospace, defense industry and other fields that need for high performance carbon fiber materials

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