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China AMF 5th fighter aircraft first successful fly

News International-French

6 Dec 2012

The 5th generation fighter aircraft, AMF developed by AVIC SHENYANG Aircraft Corporation has taken its successful first flight.

This marked that China has become the world's second country simultaneously test two 5th generation fighter prototype state. Before, only the United States has developed F-22 and F-35 5th generation two fighter aircrafts.


The composite large-scale structure technology has been widely used in the development and design of AMF fighter-craft. The technology not only reduce the aircraft body weight (thus enhance the aircraft's payload and fuel load) but also remain d the flight structure strength. The composites technology also can easily realize the fighter’s stealth objective.


China has mastered composites tail rudder, vertical rudder, none-crucial structural components technologies. Those technologies used large composite materials to reduce weight, improve strength, as well as the stealthy functions. The composite applications have become more and more crucial, and popular in the military aircraft industry.


Other new technologies applied in AMF include feature excellent shape contact performance of twin finned front canard wing technology, advanced computer controlled large thrust vector nozzle, glass cockpit ion plating metal reflection film technology, engine air inlet and engine intake air compression fan high stealth coating technology, phased array multi target distance fire controlling radar, body surface polymer absorbing composites technology, and automatic flight control management and evaluation system.


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