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China to build branches of national textile museum

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1 May 2015

Recently, the National Textile Museum Fujian Shishi Branch began to enter the preparatory stage.

This is the eighth branch of the National Textile Museum in China. According to the plan, the National Textile Museum will set up 10 branches in the world. At present, there have been 7 completed, the remaining few are in negotiation stage for construction.

National Textile Museum is a coalition service platform for textile initiated by the China Textile Industries Association (CTIA), unitedly formed by the China national textile fabric information center and other relative institutions and related industry organizations. The platform has covered products presentation and promotion, product development, product certification, fabric planning, testing services, professional training, industry information and other functions. It is the China largest fabric entity resource library, with the fastest updates, and a collection of over 500,000 pieces boutique fashion fabric. Among them, there are about 3000 suppliers in Keqiao, the famous Chinese textile manufacturing base.

In recent years, the Chinese national textile museum is planning to construct a global network of branches. They have successively built branches in Beijing, Xiqiao, Wang Jiangjing, Humen, Changshu and other places. Last year, in order to radiate the United States market, the first overseas branch has been built in Los Angeles Museum.

This year, cities like Wuhan, Shishi, Chengdu and Chongqing, they have taken the initiative to contact National Textile Museum, and actively requesting to set up the local branches for national textile museum. The Italy Milan Fashion Designers Association has also contacted the National Textile Museum hoping to set up a branch in Milan.

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