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China carbon fiber industrial applications blossom

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31 Oct 2012

According to carbon fiber giant Japanese Toray’s forecast, in 2012, worldwide carbon fiber demand will increase. In the next 3 years, the average annual growth rate will reach 20%~30%.

Relevant data shows, China Petroleum, Sinopec, China Chemicals, China Building Materials, China Hengtian, Shougang International, Zhong Gang Carbon, Jinfa Technology, Dayuan Inc, Bo-Yun New Materials, Weihai Touwei Fibers, and other companies are also in the development of new or planning carbon fiber and its composite materials projects.


Recently, 3 carbon fiber projects of a total $106 millions USD (660 million Yuan) investment have been signed.


Dalian Xingke Industry Group invested $1.2 billion US (7.5 billion Yuan) of a carbon fiber and composite materials project in Jilin carbon fiber base. The project annual estimated sales income will reach about $3.2 billion US (20 billion Yuan) after its completion.


As China's largest carbon fiber production enterprise, Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd announced that it becomes China's first enterprise implemented dry jet wet spinning class SYT45 (equivalent to the class T700) carbon fiber industry earlier this year.


More over, Jiangsu AviChina Composite T800 production line has put into operation. AviChina industrialized production of T800 grade carbon fiber product performance is similar with Japan Tory products.


Until the end of this year, this production line will grow from an annual output of 25 tons to hundred tons class. Henceforth, in the following 3~5 years, the production is expected to reach kilo tons class.


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