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China Composite Group Corporation Ltd. carbon fiber cable project foundation laid

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12 Mar 2012

Carbon core cable as a kind of new structure energy-saving capacity conductor has high tensile strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, large carrying capacity and a series of other advantages.

In December, 2011, China Composite Group Corporation Ltd. (CCGC) Holding Company-Zhongfu Lianzhong launched CCGC Carbon Core Cable Technology Co., Ltd.(CCCT), specializing in carbon fiber composite material core wire project development and production.

CCGC carbon core cable project completed and put into production, will begin the large-scale applications for carbon fiber cable in the domestic power field, make important contribution for China smart grid construction, energy saving and emission reduction. The project is located in the state-level economic development zone - Lianyungang Economic Development zone.


The project has a total investment of $111 million USD and covers an area of more than 163000m², with an annual output capacity of 50000km. It plan to be completed within 3 year, the first phase of the project will put into production in August this year.



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