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China Composites 2005 – JEC Innovation Awards

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18 Aug 2011

For the first time, companies in the Chinese composite sector were invited to participate in a new competition aimed at showcasing and promoting innovation in China.

(Published on December 2005 – JEC Magazine #21)


Apartnership between the China Composites Expo 2005 and JEC Group teams has given rise to the “China Composites 2005 – JEC Innovation Awards”.


The first step was to send out more than 700 application forms to Chinese and foreign companies established in China in the composite sector. The first presentation of the Awards took place on Friday, September 2 in Guangzhou, as part of the leading Chinese composite tradefair, China Composites Expo.



Eight candidates were singled out by an independent jury, made up of nine members from the composite sector.


A spotlight on innovation


The stated purpose of the event is to promote the quality and innovation of Chinese FRP/composite products. The awards ceremony was conducted in a new Expo area dedicated to the new competition, followed closely not only by the regional press and television that were covering the Expo, but also the international and national composite trade press. The atmosphere was very positive. Below, you will find the details on the eight award-winners of the event, which will be held each year during the China Composites Expo. We hope to see you next year in Shanghai from 4-6 September – and don’t forget to prepare your applications!