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China to construct its largest offshore wind farm in Puti Island

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7 Jun 2012

Hebei Province is in accelerating preparations for a 300MW offshore demonstration project in Puti Island Tangshan, Leting County. This project could go into operation in 2015.

China National Maritime Authority held an assessment meeting on a 300MW offshore demonstration project in Puti Island, Tangshan Leting County. China Suntien Green Energy Co., Ltd. is the owner of this project. Cao Desheng, Vice Secretary of the National Maritime Authority, and officials, experts from State Oceanic Administration, Hebei Energy Bureau and other departments has participated in the project review.


In reviewing of Suntien’s briefing and debriefing on the project, after serious discussion and consideration, Puti Island offshore wind farm project navigation safety impact report has passed through the experts and officials joint appraisals. Cao Desheng asked the National Maritime Bureau and National Energy Board, and the State Oceanic Administration to be in close collaboration to support the development and construction of the Puti Island offshore wind farm demonstration project.


The Suntien Puti Island 300MW offshore wind power project is the first offshore wind power project in Bohai Sea obtained the approval by the National Energy Board. It is located in the waters near Caojidian Port and JIngtang Port. This area has an annual average wind speed of 8.0m/s and an annual average wind power density of 550.8W/m2. It has rich wind energy resource with good economic development value.


At the same time, the wind water sites do not have no adverse geological conditions, no minerals, nor heritage covered under, with easy maritime transport facilitation. It has a 3000MW potential of wind power installed capacity and the continued development capabilities. Navigation safety impact of demonstration is necessary for the offshore wind power project approved related to the sea one of the special demonstration will Puti Island project to carry out the next step the demonstration of the use of sea areas, marine ring comment cards and prepare a project for navigation safety assessment report has laid a good foundation.


According to the "Hebei Province offshore wind farm project planning, Tangshan region will install 4.3 million KWs and Changzhou region 1.3 million KWs. During the "12th 5 year" period of time, the priority is the development of Tangshan wind farms with a new installed capacity of 500,000 KWs. The Puti Island 300MW offshore demonstration project preliminary work has been accelerating. The inside said it will strive to start construction next year with a total investment of $910 millions USD and the project will use 3MW+ wind turbines.


China National Energy Bureau has also approved plans to construct 12.75GW offshore projects in Shandong and 5.95GW offshore projects in Shanghai.



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