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The China Edit – August 2017

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30 Aug 2017

The China Edit is a monthly curation of business news and reports which have a direct impact on the Chinese - and global - composites industry

China’s Chery set for big introduction in Frankfurt
Chery, one of China’s most aggressive automobile companies, is preparing to unveil a new sport-utility vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month as a prelude to entering the intensely competitive market in Western Europe, company officials said this week.
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China Cup International Regatta to host WMRT 2017 Championship finals
As the China Cup moves into its second decade, the World Match Racing Tour, with the high performance M32 catamarans at its core, will assist in raising the profile of the event. As the sailing world’s eyes turn to the WMRT Finals in October, Shenzhen and the China Cup will play host to the conclusion to the 2017 match racing season.
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How are governments using drone technology ?
Police agencies in China are employing drones to fight crime. According to the Police Aviation Administration Office, more than 300 police drones are being used in 25 provinces, to patrol areas that are difficult for police officers to access. In Huidong County, Guangdong, drones have provided surveillance data and actionable intelligence on drug production dens, enabling police to conduct successful raids. "Drones fly every day, mainly over local mountains, forests, large orchards and other target areas where police officers find it difficult to patrol and where secret drug dens might hide," said Zhou Yongkun, Party chief of Huidong's Baihua township.
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Cannon sustains exponential growth of polyurethane equipment business in Asia
Cannon is also very active in high-pressure resin transfer moulding processes for the production of carbon fibre parts mainly for the automotive sector. A big plant has been installed in China to make carbon fibre parts for the local automotive sector with additional lines planned. Cannon is also introducing recycled carbon fibre technology to the market.
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China's CH-4 armed reconnaissance UAV receives upgrades
According to the latest official specifications provided by CAAA, the CH-4 has a maximum take-off weight of 1,330 kg and a payload capacity of 345 kg. Glass fibre-based composite materials are used extensively to construct the 8.5 m-long main body and 18 m span wings, reducing the overall weight of the air vehicle as well as its radar cross-section (RCS).
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