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China expects hundred billion Yuan auto composites market in the future

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5 May 2015

China has a great potential for the composite materials application in automotive industry.

Recently, Beijing Zhongcai Auto Composites Co., Ltd (Beijing Zhongcai) general manager Ling Jing said in an interview with reporters, "if a passenger car uses 10kg composite, calculated on a base of annual car production of 23 million vehicles, it is expected to form a 100 billion Yuan (US$ 16.67 billion) market scale for composite materials industry vehicle."

Considering the fuel limitation and carbon dioxide emissions requirements, China has a great potential for the composite materials application in automotive industry.

Ling Jing believes that the use of composite materials can not only design more fashion, more aerodynamic shape, but also can greatly reduce vehicle weight, and reduce the production cost.

At present, the FAW is trying to apply the composite material in the battery box of one type of new energy vehicles. They found out that it is not only very light, but also anti-corrosive. In addition, the composite material is also used in front and rear covers of the engine (hood and trunk lid), which can achieve weight loss of about 50%.

In fact, in the automotive light weight movement, the composite materials is mainly used for functional replacement. For example, the car front end bracket, using composite material substitution, in addition to reduce weight, the process is relatively simple. BAIC B40 roof HAS used composite materials.

In general, the passenger car seat framework, skylight guard plate, the front end bracket of the of water tank, the brake pedal and instrument panel can all be made by composite materials. Not only for the small components, according to reports, has BMW used the carbon fiber composite materials in the auto body panels and the auto frames.

According to statistics, if the automobile production reached more than 150000 vehicles, the use of composite materials have a cost advantage.

Changchun FAWSN Group Co., Ltd commercial director Wang Zhiren said, "The wide range composite materials application in the auto industry is the future development direction in term of automobile lightweight." When carbon fiber can be popularized from Boeing, high-end automobiles to the B class cars, then composite hundred billion Yuan market scale will be a reality soon.

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