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China first all composite material light business jet unrevealed

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14 Dec 2012

China first all composite light business jet "pilot 150" official prototype has finished assembly by AVIC General Aircraft in Zhuha.

At the same time, Yunnan & General Aircraft, Beijing General Aircraft, Shaanxi General Aircraft, Zhuhai Hanxing General Aircraft have placed startup orders for 8 of such aircrafts.


The 5~6 seat all composite single turboprop light weight business jet is China's first whole composite material light business jet aircraft with independent intellectual property rights. It is also the first aircraft AVIC General Aircraft developed based on the CCAR23 and FAR23 standards. It is expected “pilot 150” will achieve first flight in 2013 October, and completed the airworthiness certification and put on the market in 2015.


"Pilot 150" is a 6 seats light turboprop booster jet, with Honeywell T PE331-10 engine. It is currently one of the world's fastest aircrafts in the similar single engine turboprop aircrafts.


The machine adopts the layout of low wings, low flat tails, single vertical tail, carbon fiber composite airframe structures, pressurized cabin, the configuration of anterior three retractable landing gears, and a new system of composites parts totaling more than 90 components. The engine used is Honeywell T PE 331-10. "Pilot 150" is flying at speeds of up to 600 kilometers per hour, with a range of up to 3000 kilometers.


According to the plan, "pilot 150" will pass the certificate of airworthiness of CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) and FAA (the United States Federal Aviation Administration) in 2014 and delivered to the users. At present, the company has not released the market price. Compare to the imports, this aircraft will have a certain price advantage.


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