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China first all composites public bridge built

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27 Jun 2012

China first full composite public bridge was completed in Chongqing recently.

This bridge is name after the famous Chinese bridge scientist Mao Yi Sheng. In the construction of this public bridge, the latest research results of the national Ministry of science and technology international science and technology cooperation project have been applied. The technology is called high performance composite fast erecting bridge key technologies. It is the first full composite material truss bridge.


Sinoma Beijing Composite Materials Co, Tsinghua University, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Central Research Institute jointly finished the R & D design, building and Construction, and rapid field installation.


During the whole process, the fiber reinforced composite truss bridge technology has gone through a complete real time test.


Fiber reinforced composite bridge is very suitable for the fast installation in mountainous area. It is the future development direction of bridge technology.


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