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China first carbon fiber loop test ends satisfactorily

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31 Oct 2012

2012 China first carbon fiber loop test ended recently. This test is organized by SINOMA Nanjing Fiberglass R&D Institute quality inspection center. The organizational unit has completed the test data analysis and report preparation.

There are a total of 12 enterprises and laboratories participating in this circulating comparison test. Finally 11 laboratory test results are given.


These labs are SINOMA Nanjing Fiberglass R&D Institute quality inspection center, China national glass fiber product quality supervision and inspection center, Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry Research Institute, Jilin Petrochemical Co., Ltd, Weihai Touzhan fiber Co., Ltd, Jilin City Shenzhou carbon fiber Co., Ltd, Xi'an Kang Ben Co., Ltd, Zhongfu Shenying carbon fiber Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Heng Shen fiber material Co., Ltd, Yuan Dong composite technology Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Tianjiao high-tech Co., Ltd.


The circulating comparison tests performed the following tests: carbon fiber density, carbon fiber wetting agent content, carbon fiber diameter and fiber cross-sectional area.


This carbon fiber loop test is not only the first time in China; it also has not been conducted in the world. Through various inter laboratory comparison cycle tests, the repeatability limit and reproducibility limit are given for each test method. This also gives out the precision of a test method. The loop comparison tests have provided accurate and reliable operational verification for the future National carbon fibers Test Method Standard.


About SINOMA Nanjing Fiberglass R&D Institute:
At present, SINOMA Nanjing Fiberglass R&D Institute is stepping up efforts to formulate series carbon fiber test method standards. In 2013, they will organize a test methods loop comparison tests for carbon fiber dipped yarn and carbon fiber tensile properties.

The Institute was built in Feb. 1964, and she was approved by National Science and Technology Commission, Planning Commission, and Economic Commission; and was formed in Nanjing, and was under State Building Materials Industry Bureau; July 1, 1999, in accordance with the requirement of the reforming of national research institutions, the Institute was changed into enterprise and now as the part of China National Materials Group.


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