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China first composite expedition boat launched

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14 May 2012

Last month, Weihai Zhongfu Xigang Ship Co., Ltd. first 25.5 meter composite marine science research vessel successfully launched into the water. This boat is jointly developed and built by the Xigang and Russian Pacific Fleet maritime search and research center.

Success of the construction of the 25.5 meter composite marine science research vessel opens domestic and foreign markets of advanced composite materials research vessel. It enhanced China research vessel design standards, scientific observation capabilities. It broadens the field of scientific investigation, and promotes China advanced composite materials research vessel rapid development.


The vessel marine research vessel has many advantages such as high-speed, fuel-efficient environmental protection, corrosion resistance, stability and good anti-wave performance. At the same time, it equipped with foreign advanced underwater detection equipments and the processing system of the expedition. It has submarine detection, atmospheric sounding, seabed mapping, undersea photography, investigation of underwater potentially dangerous objects, and the implementation of the search and rescue operations at sea and ocean exploration. It also has analytical ability greatly meet the needs of all types of marine survey. And it also greatly enhanced ocean exploration and marine research level to promote the expedition industry accelerate development.


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