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China first T800 carbon fiber production line started operation

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19 Jul 2012

Jiangsu Hangke Composite Materials Technology Co., Ltd T800 carbon fiber production line has started operation recently.

From carbon fiber precursor to technology, this production line is completely a result of independent research and development. The various performance indicators including stability are fully comparable to the similar products of Japanese company Toray.


Experts has paid a field inspection on the project and on site sample testing also made during the inspection. The results show that Jiangsu Hangke investment 250 million Yuan China first T800 production line has achieved stable mass production.


This indicates that China's high performance carbon fiber achieved a major breakthrough in the industrialization. Jiangsu Hangke also has become China only company with carbon fiber T800 production capability.


Jiangsu Hangke T800 carbon fiber product tensile strength, tensile modulus, elongation at break three main performance indexes and liner density, thermal conductivity and other parameters are equivalent to the T800 products from the international carbon fiber giant Japanese Toray.


The stability of the product has been a qualitative leap. Jiangsu Hangke T800 carbon fiber variation coefficient (CV value) is less than 3, slightly better than similar products in Toray (less than 5).


Carbon fiber CV value is an important indicator for the composite material component design margin. The smaller carbon fiber CV value means less amount required, and better reinforcement result.


In addition, the precursor used in the production of carbon fiber is also produced by Jiangsu Hangke independently. They are mainly 6K,12K (each beam has 6000/12000 fibers ).


At present, Jiangsu Hangke has applied 85 patents (24 of them are authorized), prepared 20 equipment manufacturing specifications, 40 production technology standards, 68 process tracking test specifications, and enterprise standards for T700 and T800.


Jiangsu Hangke T800 production carbon fiber products won a number of customers. By the end of the year, the production line will increase its annual output from 25 tons to 100 tons. Henceforth 3~5 years, the production will be expected to reach kilo tons.



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