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China fourth batch of wind power plan issued

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15 Apr 2014

Recently, National Energy Administration (NEA) issued "the12th Five Year Plan fourth batch of wind power projects plan". According to the plan, the project total installed wind power capacity in the "Twelfth Five Year" fourth batch approved plan is 27600000 KW.

From the beginning of 2011, NEA began to develop the wind power project approval plan. The scales of the first three batch of approved wind power projects are 26830000 kW, 16760000 kW (8520000 kW added during the execution), and 27970000 kW respectively. At that point, "the approved wind power projects in the Twelfth Five Year Plan" has exceeded 100 million KW scale.

In the recent two or three years, the northern China wind power abandoning phenomenon is in serious condition, which greatly affected the confidence on the development of wind power. People doubt if the country still wants to develop the wind power.

"The fourth batch of approved wind power capacity reached 27600000 KW that greatly exceeded industry expectations. It brought the industry a clear signal: the state will continue to promote and support the development of wind power." China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI) deputy chief engineer, China National Renewable Energy Center (CNREC) deputy director Yi Yuechun said.

The preliminary CNREC data released recently shows that in 2013, China's newly added grid connected wind power capacity has reached 14920000 kilowatts, an increase of about 0.6 percentage points, especially the annual utilization time has increased by 180 hours, and the wind power developers have generally improved profitability. National Energy Conference held in this year proposed that the wind power development goals in 2014 will be 18000000 kW. If this goal can be realized, the wind power industry will once again step into the fast lane.

"In the future, along with the strengthening of wind power development in the middle and east China and inland areas, as well as the accelerated wind power transmission channel construction, the speed up of atmospheric pollution control, and the energy structure adjustment, the renewable energy, especially wind power will further be enhanced." Yi Yuechun said.

In this fourth batch plan, the construction scale ratio in China central, east, and southern areas has been further improved. It has already reached about the 60% of the national total batch construction size. Especially in Hunan province, the annual construction scale will reach 2 million KW, and has become the key province of the wind power development in the central China. The wind power in China eastern and southern area has officially entered the large-scale development phase.

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