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China has become the world one wind power

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7 Sep 2012

As of now, China wind power reached 52.58 million KWs. This means that China has replaced the United States to become the world's first wind power.

State Power Grid scheduling range wind power reached 50.26 million KWs, the average annual growth is 87% in the past six years. 2011 wind power generation capacity reached 70.6 billion KWH, the annual growth rate is 96%.


At present, each of all the 4 regions (Inner Mongolia East, Inner Mongolia West, Gansu, North Hebei) grid-connected wind power capacity has exceeded 5 million KWs, while there are only 9 countries with more than 5 million KWs grid-connected wind power capacity in the whole world.


State Power Grid becomes the world's largest power grid with grid connected wind power and with the fastest growth.


China coal, petroleum, natural gas production capacity cap are about 4.2 billion tons, 200 million tons, 300 billion cubic meters respectively. The domestic common fossil energy supply capacity cannot support the rapid growing demand of economic society energy consumption.


The development of wind power and other new energy can optimize energy structure, improve energy supply capacity, and reduce the foreign dependence. In 2011, China wind power and solar power total installation ratio is 4.5%, accounted for 1.6% of the total electricity consumption in China.


According to estimates, in 2015 and 2020 China wind power and solar power total unit ratio will be amounted to respectively 8.4% and 13.3%, consumption accounted 3.4% and 5.3%.


At present, China acid rain and atmospheric pollution situation is still very grim. Vigorously develop wind power and large-scale wind power base construction can effectively reduce China future sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide air pollutants emissions.


According to China national wind power development plan, in 2015 the China wind power will reach 100 million KWs, in 2020 reach 200 million KWs, more than 80% of the new wind power will be concentrated in North China area.


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