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China helicopter used Evonik material in alpine test

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7 May 2012

AVIC China Helicopter recently partnered with Evonik in its AC313 helicopter alpine test flight. AC312 is its first independently developed large civil helicopter. And it has used the Evonik ROHACELL material. Earlier this year, it has successfully completed flight test mission in the alpine region.

During the testing flight, the material has shown outstanding performance in the polar region temperature. AC313 is the first China manufacturing aircraft flight gained 4500 meters altitude airworthiness certificate issued by Civil Aviation Administration of China.


AC313 helicopter blades need to withstand the huge mechanical stress. Evonik advanced composite material -- ROHACELL® sandwich structure rigid foam core material can meet these stringent requirements for helicopter rotor blades. In addition, ROHACELL® material has excellent compression performance, even in the long term power load condition; it also can maintain excellent shear strength.


ROHACELL® material has been proved to be the ideal foam core material of fiber reinforced composite material components in the aviation field. Its application field is very extensive, from the wing winglet to loading doors, landing gear doors, rear pressure frame, engine nacelle to cabin table board. Reduce aircraft weight can also save fuel, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


ROHACELL® material comes from Evonik functional polymers business unit. In recent years, in view of the aerospace changing requirements, Evonik expanded advanced, durable material product portfolio. Aiming at the various internal and external parts, Evonik has focused on the aircraft weight reduction, impact resistance improvement, fuel saving, improvement, and increase of design freedom, and such innovative materials can simultaneously ensure aircraft reliability and safety.


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