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China Hi-Tech Group Corporation carbon fiber production line put into production

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6 Aug 2012

China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (CHTGC) carbon fiber production line celebration ceremony was held in Shenyang Kangping production base.

CHTGC has stronger production capacity for the traditional textile machinery. At the same time, they started R&D on the development of new materials manufacturing technologies. At present, most of domestic carbon fiber equipments are manufactured by CHTGC.


This CHTGC investment in the carbon fiber industry makes full play of their equipment manufacturing advantages and the integration of carbon fiber industry enterprises. They have systematically developed a complete production system from the manufacturing design and equipment technology, to process control and application study.


This production system can greatly enhance the overall level in carbon fiber equipment localization, engineering, industrialization, and also expand the CHTGC new business areas.


China Hi-Tech Group Corporation is a wholly state-owned large-scale central enterprise supervised by The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), which was founded in Sep. 1998.


In Dec. 2006, CHTGC was listed as one of the pilot enterprises of the SASAC, and established a scientific and standard corporate governance structure. Currently, CHTGC has 18 direct subsidiaries and more than 50,000 staff.


CHTGC has three major business sections, which are machinery, textile, real estate and investment, which are further divided into six business units, namely, textile machinery, automobile, textile production and trade, new fiber material, real estate, and investment.


Among them, the textile machinery is one of the core businesses, owning a series of brand that are “Jinwei Textile Machinery”, “CHTGC Heavy Industry (Zhengzhou Textile Machinery)” and “FONG’S” etc.


The comprehensive strength of the textile machinery business is No.1 in China and the business size ranks first in the world. It plays an important supporting role to the improvement of the international competitiveness of Chinese textile industry.