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China innovates in large composite materials helicopter blade molding

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6 Oct 2015

Composite materials blade is light in weight and has the excellent properties such as erosion resistance, anti-fatigue, and long service life.

Therefore, in recent years, composite materials has more and more replaced metal in the blade manufacturing. This has become an important development direction in the helicopter manufacturing and the composite materials fields.

At present, the domestic composite materials blade manufacturers have utilized co curing molding technology. This technology requires special molding curing equipment to satisfy the processing demand in molding closing and curing. AVIC Changhe introduced French technology, they have jointly developed large composite materials blade molding system that has filled in China large composite materials blade manufacturing blank page.

Blade molding system mainly consisted by press molding, open-close mold mechanics (including up and bottom mold bases) system, oil heating system, hydraulic loading system, and control system.

Blade molding is an important component to achieve blade pneumatic shape that guarantee the size precision mainly consisted by top, bottom mold, heating oil pipe and positioning directing mechanics.

Open-close mechanics has the function to achieve top-bottom molds of the molding system for smooth opening and closing. The designed mechanics can achieve top mold lifting (or sinking), horizontal movement, 180°rotating so that to satisfy the need of blade layering and curing.

Oil heating system has the function to heat the press mold. Through oil heating in the molding oil pipe circulation to control the blade curing temperature. The difficult part of this system is that due to the size of molding, and heavy weight, to achieve temperature accurate control has great difficulties.

The hydraulic system has the function to tightly lock the top bottom mold and apply presses after the mold closing. This can satisfy the press requirements in the blade curing process. The press application system design key is the guarantee the synchronization of all the hydraulic press lifting cylinder groups.

Controlling system has the function to guarantee all the molding system including pressure applying, heating, and mold opening---closing to follow the designed procedures, thus to achieve the interactive logic control and safely achieve the blade curing forming procedure processes.

This project achievement has been applied to large civil aircraft AC 313 composite materials blade manufacturing and has been pushed to civil aircraft AC 311A application. The blades produced have been in mass production and applied in the two aircrafts manufacturing.

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