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China installed 65 million KW wind power

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13 Mar 2012

According to Mr He Dexin, World Wind Energy Association Chairman and China Wind Energy Association Chairman, in 2011, China's newly installed wind power capacity was close to 18 million KW, achieved 65 million KW total installed capacity, which made China the world's wind power equipment manufacturing power with the largest wind installed capacity.

Mr. He said, the development of wind power in China has a certain degree of visibility in the electric power structure, wind power has been playing an increasingly important role in increasing energy supply, greenhouse gas emission reduction, economic growth and increase of employment, and the international community has paid  attention to this trend.

The country set a target to reach 200 million KW wind power installed capacity in 2020. More importantly, a research and development on how to realize the change from quantity to quality in China wind power industry, the transformation from imitation to innovation, focus from domestic market to international market.


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