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China intensifies wind power projects development in 2013

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15 Feb 2013

Recently, Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission approved 3 wind power projects. The accumulated total wind power scale has reached 149000 kilowatts with an accumulated total investment of over 1.35 billion Yuan (US$ 675 million).

China Datang New Energy Co., Ltd. announced that their Fengdu Sanba wind power project, Shangdong Rongcheng Bahefeng first phase wind power project have won the approval from Chongqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission respectively.

According to the relevant regulation, the wind power project scale of 50000 kilowatts and under will only need the approval of the provincial government. However, the wind power projects listing should be reported to and approved by the National Energy Board before hand.

Recently, China National Energy Bureau issued the twelfth Five-Year period second batch wind power projects approved plan and the Twelfth Five-Year wind power supplement program. Xinjiang Huadian Wind Power Co., Ltd, Datang Xinjiang Energy Development Co., Ltd, and CGN Wind Energy Co., Ltd wind power projects have been brought into agenda.

Recently, China National Development and Reform Commission intensively approved 4 wind power projects. The accumulated size reached a total of 6808000 kilowatts with a total investment of over 57 billion Yuan (US$ 9.2 billion).

The 4 projects are the first batch project of Jiuquan million kilowatts of wind power base second phase, Baotou City Damao million-kilowatt wind power base Bayan No. 1 through Bayan No. 7 wind power projects, Datang Chifeng Hashan power project, and Xinjiang Hami southeast area 2 million kilowatts wind power project.

Compared to last year twelfth Five-Year period first batch approved 28830000 kilowatts wind power projects, this year the approval, approval has reached up to 32680000 kilowatts, an increase of 13%.

In the national energy conference ended in January 8th, the newly installed wind power generation this year has been targeted to 18 000 000 kilowatts, while this number was only 16 000 000 kilowatts in 2010.

Downstream wind power project intensive approval will bring short-term rapid expansion to China domestic wind power equipment manufacturing industry, but it may cause excess capacity in the future.

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