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China Jushi confirms global expansion with its third furnace in Egypt

News International-French

27 Mar 2017

After a JEC World 2017, where all the major players in thermoset and thermoplastic composites have confirmed a strong business start in 2017, the fiberglass producer confirms that the global expansion is in full swing with its third furnace in Suez / Egypt planned to come onstream in the 2nd half of 2017.

The production facility will be completed three years earlier than planned, and will have a capacity of 200,000 tonnes p.a. 

James Wang, General Manager of International Sales at Jushi, explains: “The industry requires truly excellent suppliers. Through the implementation and completion of our worldwide globalization strategy, serving Europe and North America, we can supply to every continent in the world, which is important for our global customers. Furthermore, our first Fiberglass production line in the USA, Richmond / South Carolina, with a capacity of 80 kt p.a. broke ground on December 8th, 2016. Construction will finish and the facility will come onstream in the last quarter of 2018, employing 400 workers.” 

Kirstin Kettler, Head of Fiberglass at Helm , announces: “As the exclusive distribution partner for Jushi in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we are very pleased with the developments and results in Egypt. Hence, we are happy to announce that we are intensifying our customer service, offering silotruck deliveries to our Chopped Strands Thermoplastics customers with immediate effect. For our customers, this means significant cost savings and an efficiency increase. Besides increased Chopped Strand capacity, Jushi has also extended its product portfolio with BMC Chopped Strands, SMC Class A, LFT Roving and new Direct Rovings for the wind-energy market.” 

Dr Michael Effing, Senior Advisor to Helm, explains: “The European Thermoplastics market is growing constantly a rate of 5 to 6 % per year. At 1,5 million tonnes of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic compounds (including LFT compounds), Thermoplastics are representing 54 % of the European market. Thermoplastics offer in fact a broad spectrum of innovative applications, especially in the field of LFT Rovings and Chopped Strands for PA/PP – so I am very pleased to witness and actively support HELM and Jushi´s joint development strategy and strong worldwide commitment to our valued customers.”