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China large aircraft C919 will realize its first flight next year

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22 Apr 2013

Recently, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference member, deputy general manager of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. (COMAC), Wu Guanghui said, last year, C919 large aircraft development project has made continuous new progresses. This year will be a crucial year for C919 project development stage. C919 will achieve its first flight by the end of next year in accordance with the established goal.

Though technically China has the successful space and military aircraft technology to support C919 large aircraft project, it is still the first time for COMAC to design and develop a real large civilian aircraft.

At present, the body design is finished. All the aircraft equipments will begin ground testing this year. In addition, the design of customer service center and other supporting facilities has also under an orderly progress.

Last year, the C919 airliner project three phases work including project argumentation, feasibility studies and preliminary development have been completed. The project has fully switched into the development stage. The overall technical scheme including the total aircraft manufacturing scheme, general technology scheme and customer service plan have all been determined.

The key technology of the flight control law design and the composite material structure design has been orderly carried out, and the preliminary results have been obtained. And the project has completed digital prototype design research and the flight structure production data has been distributed. The engineering simulator and test platform was developed and put into use. The airworthiness certification application has also been in full swing.

This year is a crucial year for C919 project development stage. It also is a crucial year to protect the safety of aircraft. COMAC will complete the whole aircraft detailed design review. The system work package includes critical design review, direct control and normal control rate preliminary design review and critical design review. More that 40 wind tunnel tests and structure strength tests will be carried out to determine validation plan and a number of works that are relative to the passenger safety.

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