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China large aircraft will be unveiled at Zhuhai Air Show

News International-French

13 Dec 2012

Recently, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd (COMAC) disclosed that the company's certification flight test ongoing new ARJ21-700 regional aircraft will fly to Zhuhai air show for flight performance and ground display.

This month, ARJ21-700 aircraft smoothly transited to Zhuhai Sanzhao Airport slowly slide into the Ninth China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition apron.


The plane took off Xi'an Yanliang airport at 9:27 am and arrived at 12:12 pm, with a smooth flight course. This is the second time for ARJ21-700 to display in the show afterwards after 2010.


The detailed design undergoing C919 large passenger aircraft will also be displayed for the first time with the new image combined of sound and photoelectric. The big airplane project has driven China aviation industry to enhance the overall capacity. Around the large aircraft project, there will be tens of billions of dollars investment pure into the large aircraft project in the next 5 years. This will bring an enormous push to China aviation industry design, and manufacturing capacity.


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