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China largest wind power installation platform completed

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7 Aug 2014

Recently, "Longyuan Zhenhua # 2" 800 tons jack up wind power installation platform has been successfully completed and delivered.

This wind power installation platform is independently developed and built by China Communications Construction Co. Ltd. (CCCC).

The platform is 76.8 meters long, 42 meters wide, 6 meters in depth, and the leg length is 67 meters. The hoist capacity of this platform is 800 tons, and it can work offshore within the water depth of 30 meters. It is currently the offshore wind power professional construction platform with the largest hoist capacity and most widely applicable in the ocean areas. It is also the most advanced and most comprehensive hoisting system. It will effectively reduce the offshore wind power construction cost and improve the construction efficiency, realize the scale construction of offshore wind power.

At present, in foreign countries, restricted by the separate of the piling and the hoisting work in the installation of wind power equipment, the offshore wind power construction operation is mainly relying on the hydraulic lifting technology for the implementation of platform lifting.

The wind power installation platform constructed by CCCC has an integrated set function of piling and hoisting. They have independently designed and developed special gear rack driven type lifting technology, which accurately controls the lifting position, each legs’ fretting can be controlled within 10 mm.

In addition, CCCC has also successfully overcome the technical barriers to the key parts, independently developed the hydraulic pile embracing device. That has filled the domestic technology blank.

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