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China made high modulus carbon fiber put into production

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6 Jul 2016

Beijing TEMINA Science & Tech Development Co., Ltd (TEMINA) announced recently that its self-developed super high modulus carbon fiber technology has been formally released.

Currently, the most popular carbon fiber modulus level has stopped at around 500 GPa. Through the test by Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other authentic institutes, TEMINA have complied with the international standard, in which the carbon fiber modulus has exceeded 700 GPa and the tensile strength has exceeded 3239 MPa, while after optimization, the performance can be increased to a great extent. Moreover, the mesophase pitch raw material produced by this new technology has a super high purity of under 10 PPM grade, the spinnability reached over 1000 meters spinning speed, the strength and modulus are all at the international advanced level.

Before, no matter in the super modulus carbon fiber research and development, mass production, or application fields, the top technology has been monopolized by Japanese Mitsubishi, Japanese Donac, and the USA AMO Co. China has been blockaded technologically by those monopolies so that affected the development of many industries that dependent on the high new materials in China.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology carbon fiber and composite materials research institute teacher Liu Yi said that super high modulus carbon fiber breakthrough in China has solved the demand for high modulus carbon fiber in the application of military, aviation, and aerospace fields. At the same time, the independent research and development can make it fast to achieve mass production so that the material can be utilized in the modification or change of the structure or characteristics of weapons and play a significant role for China new material research and development.

In comparison with the foreign carbon fiber production technology based on oil, coal as the raw material, TEMINA technology has the advantage of simple, low cost, high stability, and rich in raw materials. Once it achieves mass production, it will be a better choice for the market both at home and abroad. TEMINA General Manager Zhang Ziyang revealed that super high modulus carbon fiber all technical data has reached mass production standard. The company has launched mass production plan. With the relative resources from the Chinese Academy of Science, the first tonnage level production line will be fast put into production in Ningbo. Once TEMINA super high modulus carbon fiber achieve mass production, the cost will be far lower than that of the mainstream PAN based carbon fiber, so that greatly reduced the application threshold for super high modulus carbon fiber.

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