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China needs composite materials to support integrated weaponry structure

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19 May 2015

With the approval of China large aircraft project in 2007, the research, development, design, and manufacturing of composite materials has been further pushed.

AVIC has completed layout in the composite materials industry. The AVIC Hafei, SAC, XAC, Cheng Fei, Chang Fei, Honduras and other enterprises have all established the composite materials research and manufacturing center. Those centers mainly undertake the production, development, and manufacturing of various types of composite materials parts the needed in aircraft manufacturing. The centers also undertake some of the civil aircraft subcontract tasks and production tasks.

In 2010, in order to better integrate the advantages of domestic composite materials technology and industrial resources, streamline aerospace composite industry chain development; give full play to the strength of domestic high-end talent in the field of composite materials, enhance R & D capabilities, continue to meet the new weapons equipment development needs; to further promote the application and development of non-aviation composite materials technology, under the guidance of promoting AVIC, AVIC Composite Co., Ltd (AVIC Composite) has been established.

AVIC Composites formed a long-term basic research, the mid-model development capabilities, the recent batch production capacity combining complementary resources, a virtuous cycle of mutual support. AVIC Composite will be positioned as the aviation composite materials leader in China to improve their technology, and also to stimulate and support the simultaneous development of the AVIC Composite centers in each of the AVIC enterprises move forward shoulder to shoulder.

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