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China new materials industry standardization three-year action plan released

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7 Aug 2013

Recently, China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the "new materials industry standardization three-year action plan".

The goal is the fundamental formation of an important technical standard system with innovation achievements and international level that urgently needed for the key areas development:

  1. Complete 200 key standards drafting and amendment
  2. Start 300 new materials standards research and development
  3. Carry out pre-study for 50 key standards
  4. Establish standards covering the 400 key new materials products proposed in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan"

One of the key tasks the plan calls for is to increase the focus on the standards drafting and revision efforts in new materials field.

Include formulating and promulgating a number of key product standards for advanced polymeric materials:

  1. Butyl rubber, other special rubbers and special additives
  2. Polyamide engineering plastics and products
  3. Battery separator
  4. Optical functional membrane
  5. Special membranes and components
  6. Environment-friendly paint and coatings
  7. Functional chemicals

As well as formulating and promulgating and the improvement of high-performance fibers standards in the high-performance composite materials field:

  1. Carbon fiber
  2. Basalt fiber
  3. Fiber-reinforced composite materials

The forefront new materials key standards development includes:

  1. Nano-powder materials
  2. Graphene
  3. Biological materials and products
  4. Intelligent materials and products

The plan calls to closely follow the international standards of new materials technology development trend, well in advance of the standard layout:

  1. Proposed 10 key standards development plan
  2. Carry out 30 standards pre-study

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