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China new materials production value will reach US$ 327 billion in 2015

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5 Aug 2013

According to "new material industry Twelfth Five-Year development plan", by 2015 China's new materials industry total output value will reach two trillion Yuan (US$ 327 billion).

The average annual growth rate will reach more than 25%. 30 key new material varieties will be promoted, and a number of demonstration application projects will be implemented.

The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" expected development goals put forwarded in this plan also includes the following:

  1. Significant increase in R&D investment, the key new materials enterprises R & D investment proportion accounted in sales revenue will reach 5%
  2. A batch of new materials engineering technology research and development public service platforms will be built
  3. 10 comprehensive leading enterprises with strong innovation ability, with the core competitiveness, and the new materials sales revenue exceeds 15 billion Yuan (US$ 259 million) will be built
  4. 20 professional backbone enterprises with new materials sales income of more than 5 billion Yuan (US$ 820 million)
  5. A number of new material industrial bases and industrial clusters with outstanding main business, completed supporting industrial chain, and the annual output value of more than 30 billion Yuan (US$ 5 billion)
  6. The new material products comprehensive security capacity will be improved to 70%
  7. The key new materials guarantee capacity will reach 50%
  8. Industrialization and scale production of carbon fiber, titanium alloy, corrosion resistant steel, advanced energy storage materials, semiconductor materials, membrane materials, butyl rubber, polycarbonate and other key varieties

Relevant data shows that in 2010 China's new materials industry scale will exceed 650 billion Yuan (US$ 109 billion). Compared with 2005, the average annual growth rate will be about 20%; in which, the rare earth functional materials, advanced energy storage materials, photovoltaic materials, silicone, superhard materials, special stainless steel, glass fiber and composite materials will be at the world forefront.

Carbon fiber is part of this new materials. It can be widely applied to the fields such as military aircraft manufacturing, wind power blades and other industrial fields such sports.

With the carbon fiber rapid demand growth from the aerospace, the wind power and other industrial applications have seen a rapid growth as well. Therefore, the carbon fiber demand has experiencing sharp growth. The global carbon fiber market annual growth is at an average two digit rate. The global carbon fiber supply and demand has appeared more intensive situation in recent years.

It is expected that the carbon fiber business related companies in the market such as Fangda carbon, Kinfa Technology, Bo-yun new materials and Dayuan Corp will usher in development opportunities:

According to public information, Fangda Carbon has acquired the 100% stake in Fang Tai Precision. This move enabled Fangda to expand into one of carbon fiber’s major applications, composite field. Fang Tai was founded in 2009, the main business is the carbon fiber and composite materials production including 6K, 12K, 24 of PAN-based carbon fiber.

Bo-Yun New Materials carbon / carbon composites products have been used in the Boeing 757 series, and a variety of aircraft as well as various types of rockets in China.

Through 4 years of work, Kinfa 200 tons carbon fiber pilot project has been launched in Luogang District, Guangzhou City. It was included in the "Guangdong Province major industrialization projects", and received 12 million Yuan (US$ 2 million) of special financial support. In 2011, Kinfa has invested 300 million Yuan (US$ 50 million) in their annual output 2000 tons of carbon fiber and 10000 tons of carbon fiber composite material industrialization projects.

Dayuan Corp’s business mainly includes carbon fiber prepreg and composite products. Its subsidiary Jiaxing Zhongbao carbon fiber is one of the three major domestic carbon fiber producers with a 3 million square meters carbon fiber prepreg capacity production line, the prepreg cloth gross profit on sales is at a rate above 40%.

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