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China northwest grid wind electricity coordinated control system

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19 Apr 2012

Wind power has a characteristic of stochastic and intermittent, not only affecting the output of generating unit, but also brought difficulties to power system stability and power scheduling. This problem becomes the bottleneck restricting the development of wind power for a long time. China Northwest Power Grid, after years of study, recently successfully developed a wind power coordinated control system and successfully demonstrated its power in the Northwest Grid daily operation.

This latest achievement can make real-time adjustment of 18 wind farms based on the available transmission capacity of Jiuquan 750000 volt power sending channel, and ensure operation on the level not exceeding the stable limit of circuit sending power during high winds, and also maximize the use of transmission channel capacity.


Before system putting into operation, usually dispatchers carry out artificial control. To avoid the transmission line overrun caused by night wind power sudden increase, usually control to less than the power limit (1.5 million KW), adjusting the transmission power is very difficult, and also cannot reach the device designed application effect.


After the new system put into trial, in midnight March 1st, the 18 large scale wind farms of Gansu Jiuquan 10 million KW wind power base in Northwest China power grid stably outputted 1.5 million KW wind power under the control of coordinated control system, greatly improve the stability of wind power. According to calculation, at the night of March 1st, those 18 wind farms has outputted nearly 1 million KWH more electricity than the previous average


Jiuquan wind power coordinated control system is the application of northwest wind power dispatching automation system adapted to the smart grid, system based on the active control function provided by wind power dispatching automation system, using the uniform platform and advanced technology provided by intelligent scheduling technology support system, implemented the Jiuquan wind electricity send channel real time coordination control.


State Northwest Grid control center on the basis of a careful analysis on Jiuquan wind power generation characteristics of different wind conditions, developed the power allocation strategy, the special case and special treatment of transmission channel are analyzed in great detail, using real power data undertook detailed simulation and calculation on relevant strategy, according to the different power operation mode revised and perfected related control strategies, to ensure that the system can achieve the expected results.


Jiuquan spring wind season will come, the wind power coordinated control system operation can improve the wind power control precise level and response speed, and also reduces the safety and stability risk brought to the power grids by limiting the wind power, make full use of the transmission channel, transmit northwest clean energy to the areas where is short of electricity as much as possible.


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