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China PPTA kiloton industialization

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19 Apr 2012

Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Sun Jinliang announced that Suzhou Zhaoda Specially Fiber Technical Co., Ltd (Suzhou Zhaoda), organized and implemented National 863 Project: "Kiloton class PPTA industrialization project in Changshu completed the construction of production chain, realizes continuous operation and sales volume"

PPTA is one of the world's three largest high-performance fibers, with high tensile strength, high modulus and high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistance, light weight and excellent performance, has been widely used in aerospace, military, security, transportation, automobile manufacturing and other key areas.


PPTA has been developed and industrialized in the early 70s last century, and then there were only two companies in United States and Japan grasped its production technology.


Suzhou Zhaoda PPTA project team has performed over thousands of experiments during 10 years, and has completed the research of PPTA with full independent intellectual property rights, and the technology and product quality have reached the international advanced level. In 2007, they completed first 100 tons of class test.


During today’s development process of kiloton class PPTA industrialization project, Suzhou Zhaoda has formed an independent intellectual property system, grasped the core of industrialization technology and production equipments, related technology applied for 18 patents of invention, 8 of which has been authorized, the project integrated technology has reached the international advanced level.


About National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program):

In 1986, to meet the global challenges of new technology revolution and competition, four Chinese scientists, WANG Daheng, WANG Ganchang, YANG Jiachi, and CHEN Fangyun, jointly proposed to accelerate China’s high-tech development. With strategic vision and resolution, the late Chinese leader Mr. DENG Xiaoping personally approved the National High-tech R&D Program, namely the 863 Program. Implemented during three successive Five-year Plans, the program has boosted China’s overall high-tech development, R&D capacity, socio-economic development, and national security. In April 2001, the Chinese State Council approved continued implementation of the program in the 10th Five-year Plan. As one of the national S&T program trilogy in the 10th Five-year Plan, 863 Program continues to play its important role.


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