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China recent carbon fiber development projects excerpt

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10 Aug 2012

In the world upsurge in carbon fiber development, China also has new or expanded carbon fiber factories or production lines.

The following is an excerpt of some major carbon fiber projects in China.


Sinosteel Jiangcheng Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd


Sinosteel Jiangcheng is located in the Jilin city, Jilin province. After the successful trial production for the first phase of an annual output of 500 tons carbon fiber project, in February 27, 2012 formally put into full operation. This allows the company to become the only carbon fiber production company listed in the stock exchange market.


Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd


After 5000 tons carbon fiber precursor project has been successful put into production last year, Jilin Chemical plans to further research and development of high-end carbon fiber filament in 2012. They will establish one carbon fiber production line, to optimize the filament production process, and address the downstream products related problems.


Anhui Shou Wen Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd


Anhui Shou Wen belongs to the Shougang Group, recently in Anhui Bengbu completed and put into production a carbon fiber production line with a design capacity of 200 tons. After it put into production, the production line will provide high-quality carbon fiber products for wind energy, yacht, automobile and other industries.


Zhejiang Taixian New Materials Co., Ltd


Ningbo Zhejiang Taixian annual output 100 tons high performance carbon fiber project recently started construction. This project includes an annual output 100 tons carbon fiber production line and an annual output 250 tons of polyacrylonitrile precursor production lines. Allegedly on the initial annual production capacity of 100 tons carbon fiber, Zhejiang Taixian will build an annual output 1000 tons carbon fiber production factory.


Sichuan Xinwanxing Carbon Fiber Composites Co., Ltd carbon fiber prepreg production line


Once the project completed, there will be an annual output 10 million square meters of carbon fiber prepreg and 500 tons of carbon fiber composite materials production capacity. Prepreg production line is imported from Switzerland by of Sichuan new Wanxing carbon fiber composite material company. With Europe cutting-edge technology, the company now has an annual output of 5 million square meters of fiber and fabric prepreg.


Anhui Lu'an annual 10000 tons Carbon Fiber and Composites Project


Anhui Lu'an is planning to introduce foreign advanced technology for the production of carbon fiber and its composites. The project plans an annual sales income of more than US$470 million. According to construction plan, Lu'an will build a research and development center of carbon fiber and composites, carbon fiber testing base, carbon fiber production line and supporting acrylic yarn production line.


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