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China south offshore wind joint development established

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5 Jul 2012

Last month, South Offshore Wind Joint Development Co., Ltd was formally established in Guangzhou.

The company was a joint venture by 8 enterprises including China South Power Grid, Mingyang Wind Power, Yuedian Group. The purpose is to promote the orderly development of Guangdong Offshore Wind and to improve and safeguard the livelihood of the island people.


According to the introduction, China South Power Grid play an active role in green platform. They actively participate in Guangdong Province first Offshore Wind project -- Zhuhai Guishan Offshore Wind field and Island Smart Grid Project.


As the project investor, China South Power Grid is responsible for the formation of the project company, the early days and construction work of the project.


Up to now, the selection of wind turbine and the preliminary construction simulation of wind turbine base have been completed. The 15 special feasibility studies and 11 of the 18 approved related topics have been carried out in a comprehensive scale.


The key approval items such as the environmental evaluation, sea utilization assessment are also under intensive promotion.


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