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China successful preparing of graphene platinum composites

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11 Sep 2012

Recently, Institute of Plasma Physics CAS (IPP) has successfully prepared good dispersed graphene platinum nano composite materials using low temperature plasma technology.

Graphene platinum composite materials can increase the reaction efficiency of the fuel cell. They have a very broad application prospects in aerospace, energy, environment and other fields.


However, the traditional chemical graphene precious metal composite materials preparation method needs to use chemical reagents for reduction preparation of precious metal simple substance such as platinum, gold and others.


And the surface active agents are often used to improve nanometer metal particle dispersion, which will affect the nature of the material, and there would be environmental pollution during the lengthy preparation processes.


A number of experimental studies found that, surface plasma treatment applies in graphene oxide and metal composites can simultaneously reduce graphene oxide and platinum salt precursor, and hence directly prepared graphene nano platinum composites.


They place graphene oxide and chloroplatinic acid mixture in an inductive coupled plasma discharge device, and then inject argon plasma in direct action on the mixture, the graphene oxide was rapidly transformed into graphene,


At the same time, chloroplatinic acid is reduced to elemental platinum, to get graphene - platinum nano composite particles in one step. The platinum dispersion, particle size and the plasma time are correlative.


This method is quick, convenient, and environment friendly. It also avoids the use of chemical reducing agents. It opens up a new train of thought and method for preparing graphene precious metal particles. With the low temperature plasma technology development, it is expected to achieve low cost, large scale preparation for this material.


At the same time, researchers also made the corresponding progress in the plasma technology for preparing nitrogen doped graphene - platinum nano composite materials research.


Through their use of other gases such as hydrogen, ammonia and so on, to do plasma treatment on graphene oxide, the nitrogen - doped graphene can be directly prepared. And the different basal precious metal - doped graphene nanocomposites can be prepared also with the same method.


Its application to the methanol electrocatalytic oxidation can significantly improve the electrocatalytic performance. It is better than the commercial catalyst and the reported other platinum catalysts.


This research was published in the "Angewandte Chemie" sister publication ChemPlusChem.



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